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Advocates have congratulated the Hobart City Council on its unanimous support for a motion calling for the federal government to allow same-sex couples to marry.Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, who lives in Hobart said, “Hobart City Council has confirmed that our city is inclusive, and supports everyone being treated fairly and equality.” “I hope other councils around Tasmania and the nation are inspired to follow Hobart’s lead.” Spokesperson for Rainbow Communities Tasmania, Deidre Murray, said, “I am happy the Council has supported this important motion, but I’m ecstatic for my children and the other children of same-sex partners.” “Marriage equality is about recognising and supporting all families.” “I want to see a time when we no longer talk about gay marriage but marriage, not gay people but people.” The motion, that will see Council write to the federal government calling for a conscience vote, and to all Tasmania’s federal representatives asking them to vote for marriage equality, was passed without dissent at this evening’s Council meeting.Lord Mayor, Sue Hickey, drew a parallel between the inequities faced by same-sex couples and the stigma attached to unmarried motherhood when she attended a Catholic school in the 1970s.Alderman Jeff Briscoe said it is disappointing Launceston City Council recently missed the opportunity to take a lead on the issue by knocking back a similar motion.Alderman Eva Ruzicka pointed out it is the role of local government to represent majority support for the reform.Alderman Philip Cocker said he looks forward to the time when all loving couples are treated equally.More often than not their courage went unrewarded, and they’d emerge moments later, baffled and tense.

In the year I lived within a stone’s throw of the gardens I never saw anyone who looked purposefully plain-clothed, but I did see some of those whom the sign is supposed to deter: men who would pull up alongside the toilets, and watch the block anxiously.Li Max, hailing from Kottayam, had to be admitted to the Royal Hobart Hospital with deep wounds on his face and chest.