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14-Nov-2017 20:17

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Let me explain further: In addition to conveying fuel, the wick also conducts heat from the flame into the tank.

As the fuel level drops, the oil temperature rises and expands, regardless of the oil you are using.

These lanterns are perhaps the best for indoor use due to, theoritically, less used air being emitted out from the lantern. They were in production during the first half of the 1900's. It is flat on one side allowing mounting to a wall. This is pre 1956 because it was not made in Hong Kong. When manufactured, the D-Lite was the most expensive lantern Dietz made. Some lanterns have rising cones which means the burner is locked down via a wing-lock and the cone goes up with the globe (glass) is lifted up.

This is an older version, probably from the 1920's. This means they had basically an extra curve in the vertical tubes pointing down towards the tank.

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Firefly Safe and Green Lamp Oil (CAS #85566-26-3) Flash Point: 183 Degrees Fahrenheit (This particular fuel is specially formulated to operate in wick lamps and lanterns at a higher flashpoint.) est (read "Flash Point,") kerosene, which is a "straight run" petroleum distillate made for such use.Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.The "Vesta" was a popular line of brakeman's lantern manufactured by the R. However, the name "Vesta" was applied by Dietz to a long series of lanterns, and the original version, introduced in 1896, was actually a "tall globe" lantern that took a 5 3/8" globe.In fact, Vesta's marked for the New York Central Railroad are probably the most frequently seen railroad lantern in the antique market.

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The Little Giants had a kerosene burning time of 70 hours, which worked well with transportation departments for road hazards. The one above, with a rising cone, is not as old as my other Little Giant pictured below. The Little Giants were streamlined after that year (see below).In addition to these major design changes, there were also less significant variations like the use of bell-bottoms in the early models, the use of brass retaining clips or wires to hold the fount in place, and differences in number and placement of draft holes.

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