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Several spaces across the city will be repurposed and EVA will take art to the community via projects like Nice Screams, wherein a newly chosen national anthem will be played from an ice cream van through the city.“There are many works in the exhibition that deal with the imprint of history on the landscape,” Kouoh says, “through architecture, through the physicality of the landscape, through monuments for instance.Yet, postcolonial studies, if anything, are a broadening discourse, which seeks to compare the traditions and experiences of colonised countries, and critics would argue that Ireland could seek its frame of reference with such countries, rather than only with its European allies: a suggestion rarely uttered outside the halls of academe.

After a rapid readership increase around the millennium it has seen a steady decline since 2010.

In July 1861 it became a daily newspaper with editions Monday – Saturday and the price dropped to 3d.

Search Cork Examiner is best for the period of 1841-1871.

Due to the delicate nature of the materials involved gaps in the collection are inevitable.

Newspapers are usually printed on cheap paper with lower quality inks.Film director Mike Freedman also sent an email to the newspaper on September 27 after noticing similarities between one of King’s articles and a speech delivered by O’Neill to the Battle of Ideas seminar in London on October 30 last year.

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