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19-Sep-2017 07:17

With technology downsizing to miniscule sizes, the world is changing for good.However, there are certain tech gadgets that are causing a threat to privacy.I’ve sat at the tables of power to advocate and push for police reform.And at every step of the way, at every pit stop, and every organizing and strategy meeting, I’ve been surrounded by intelligent, strong and passionate Black women.The recent news about a camera spying on customers changing their clothes in a well-known boutique in Goa has once again raised the question about privacy.The customer reported that she discovered a camera pointed to the changing room and on investigation, it was found that the videos were recorded on a computer from another room in the same premises.It just needs to be placed intelligently and hidden into some article in the room or camouflaged into something that can go undetected.

The exact terms have not been released by the team at this time.Those who have no reason to trust the police will be skeptical of their accounts until more video is released. Nor is it about the lead poisoning Gaines was exposed to in her formative years, or the healthy and justified fear she had for law enforcement, which all culminated in her tragic end. What we do in response to police violence against Black bodies. In the last three years, I’ve welcomed more dead Black bodies into my world via hashtags and the editorials than I can even remember.

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